Nortex Field Services



Nortex Field Services
opened its doors in 1979.  We have serviced the needs of the the petro-chemical industry with integrity and pride.  We have worked all over the world to help solve in-place machining problems for our customers.  We currently have several crews that travel to remote locations at a moment's notice.  Our goal is to do the best job the way the customer wants the job done at the most reasonable cost. Let us be "Your Field Machining Specialists"!


Below is a partial listing of the major services that are offered by Nortex Field Services.  Custom repairs and special projects are welcomed.  Let us bid on your next repair or service project.

Crankshaft and Journal Repair

Damaged crankpins can be time consuming when they have to be sent to a shop for repair.  Let Nortex Field Services do repairs in place to save time and money. We can re-machine and resurface journals up to 14"(350mm) in diameter.


Alignment Boring

Nortex Field Services performs portable line boring services on cylinders, pumps, pump casings, turbine casings, cylinder casings, compressors, compressor casings, gear boxes, construction equipment,and every other thing that can be line bored. We have boring bars from 1" (25mm) to 6"(150mm) in diameter and up to 12' (approx.4 meters) in length.

Metal Replacement in bearing saddles

Using a patented spray process, Nortex Field Services technicians can return bearing saddles to standard factory dimensions so that stock bearings can be used.  No longer will expensive custom sized bearings need to be cut to fit thus saving the customer time and money. *Photo courtesy of Larry McDonald


Alignment Checking

Wire alignment checks to record the status of the engine base and its alignment is a specialty of Nortex Field Services.  Let us help you in finding your alignment problems and offer solutions to those problems. *Photo courtesy of Larry McDonald

Cylinder Boring, Facing and Honing

In place repairs of cylinder bores, valve seats, and related components can be done quickly and successfully by Nortex Field Services.  Let us bid on your repairs today! *Photo courtesy of Larry McDonald

In Shop Repairs
Nortex Field Services offers in shop repairs of engines, compressors, pumps, rods, crossheads and related components. 

Crack Repair

Damaged castings are no problem to Nortex Field Service technicians.  Custom repair of casting cracks is our specialty.  Let us help you with your repairs on site.*Photo courtesy of Larry McDonald
Bearing Checks
Nortex Field Services will happily check bearing with your caps for the proper amount of snap and crush prior to installation.